Monday, April 10, 2006

In-Tune: Heavenly Noise

Style: Downtempo

"In an era where love songs have become tragic, Heavenly Noise is the dynamic duo celebrating their love through music. This husband and wife team, from Jacksonville, Florida, are an electro-acoustic soul act that pride themselves on defying genres. After taking a 6-month hiatus in China and playing around Seoul, they are now finishing up their second full-length recording, to be released on Melting Pot Music in 2006. Their debut album, Room For Two was a refreshing combination of r-n-b, soul, hip-hop, and jazz, even world music. Lead singer Daisey has a voice that's every bit as sultry as the best soul divas and, at times, as roaring and raspy as Janis Joplin. Her husband, producer/composer, Batsauce, is the essential one-man band. Crafting head bangin' beats, infectious hooks, and a vast array of sounds, he is able to lay out the sonic tapestry that makes their unique sound so complete. Together, they write the lyrics, inspired by their true love." - Heavenly Noise

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