Wednesday, December 07, 2005

In-Tune: Seventh Swami

Style: Electronica

"There is a place that exists in your mind... a temporary autonomous zone where music, dance, and the life experience become one... where you and everyone around you become one living, breathing, singular entity... Where your mind begins to kindle neurotransmitters, created by the alchemy of your brain eons ago... calling to the ancient tribal ritual of transformative dance as you are guided by the hypnotic music of the techno-shaman leading the party. This is the realm of the SeventhSwami... Your spirit-guide through the archaic revival... bringing you a fusion of techno, breakbeat, and downtempo, with psychedelic overtones inspired by the unifying vibe found at nor-cal outdoor psytrance parties. His mission: To help raise more people's awareness through the sacred trance-dance experience. His purpose: To turn human-doings into human-beings, if not just for a moment..." - Seventh Swami

Available at:

Axis Mundi