Tuesday, December 06, 2005

In-Tune: Lomov

Style: Electronica

"First you need to know that in Germany second choice cigars are called: 'Fehlfarben'... "Long time ago my father smoked that kind of cigars and thus I had a lot of wooden boxes to keep odds and ends within. Later I smoked cigars myselfe (but more imported Havannas) accompanied with an excellent red wine while I was listening with friends to good sixty years jazz. The first tracks I made for the 'Fehlfarben'-EP were more jazz-related and I named it this way. Later I drifted a bit away from this approach, but the name remained..." - Lomov. However Fehlfarben is more first class than second choice... Lomov gives us here a smooth, deep and slightly melancholic music. Midway between atmospheric electronica and etheric deeptechno with subtil and hypnotic changes. The micromecanic and organic clics of the rhythmics carry us delicately into his universe where each sound really radiates." - Lomov

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