Tuesday, November 29, 2005

In-Tune: The Great Mundane

Style: Electronica

"Hip-hop styled beats with a laidback tinge of idm, "Press On" is a well executed display of quality production and tight engineering. This is an introduction not to be missed. Since the time that he was a child, Jeffrey Acciaioli has been surrounded by music. He has had 7 years of training in classical piano, started playing the bass at 13, and then later joined the Walled Lake Western Symphony. He has also taken music theory and sight singing courses to better his knowledge of music. His unique blend of hip hop and electronic music appeals to a wide range of listeners, and his background in jazz and classic music creates a movement of sound that can easily please the mind of any casual listener." - The Great Mundane / Kendra Unique

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The Great Escape
Touching the Past