Friday, December 02, 2005

In-Tune: Adapter

Style: Electronica

"Adapter is a new project of Igor Wilkonski (the crazy mind behing I:gor). After his last I:Gor album "Barwy kolorow" he decided it was time to keep I:Gor for violent breakcore and dark d'n'b and to create a new project for his more melodic and IDM / electro creations, so here is how Adapter is born. We are proud to release the first steps of Adapter. This debut album entitled "Life is Math" is a masterpiece, from rythmic IDM to jazzy moods a la Squarepusher and hypnotic electro a la Haujobb/Architect, Adapter creates a unique sound that is going to be remembered for a long time. This album comes out in a beautiful digipack and includes a nice collaboration with the trumpet player Grzegorz Matys and exellent remixes by Richard Devine (Sublight / Schematic) and Bibi (a new talented female project from Poland)." - Adapter / M-Tronic

Available at:

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