Tuesday, December 20, 2005

In-Tune: Ryo Miyashita

Style: Minimal Electronica

"Ryo Miyashita of Tokyo, presents his debut release with unfoundsound -- featuring four delicious numbers that are gritty, tastefully minimal and chockfull of found sounds. "bellydance at ebisu" is a deep and heady number where goofy found sound percussion taps its way through high-pitched atmospheric tones and lighthearted frolic. "subway line" playfully offers bouncy organic percussion, chirpy quirkiness and watery tones. "cafe de brasil" shuffles and plunges deeply with a submerged kick drum, gurgling oddities and snippy hi-hats -- all very reminiscent of matthew herbert. finally, "surf" is a short-winded joyride through clanky rhythms, herbert-like swing and more mind-numbing tones. bird's eye view is simple and direct -- perfect for both home-listening and the dancefloor." - Ryo Miyashita / UnfoundSound

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Bellydance at Ebisu
Subway Line