Tuesday, September 27, 2005

In-Tune: Felix LaBand

Style: Electronica

"The music of South Africa's premier electronic musician, is fluid and deceptively simple, freakish, quirky but user-friendly, funky and day-dreamy. Polyphonic funk like the sound-adventures of Warp's Boards Of Canada, Autechre or Aphex Twin and measures at the same time the dope downtempo flavour of their label-mates Nightmares On Wax. If one had to categorise the musical style of Felix Laband he would have to create a new genre called "Indietronica". A sheep in a wolf's clothing - looking like a tough rock-star makes it really hard to believe that this guy produces music softer as soft can be. This piece is gonna take you on a journey from which you never will return. Follow Felix into his brave new world of music...." - Felix LaBand

Available at:

Whistling in Tounges