Wednesday, July 20, 2005

In-Tune: Enjumi

Style: Electronica

"What happened the morning before? Probably you woke up once again. Probably too early from the view of yourself. Maybe too late from the view of the obligation. But how does it deal with this music? Why is this release called "Der Morgen Davor"? Because the artwork shows a window at 5 am? Because of the easygoing morning before I slept, at the same time? There is no true reason. In general there is no big story depending this music. Enjumi's music doesn't want to change the world or show a "new", "better" kind of thinking or way of life. The sense is pretty simple, making music. To put down short ideas that crossing his mind. There's no srict style dominating his music. "Crossover" in it's primary definition." - Enjumi

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Freude an der Melancholie
Too many too much