Thursday, July 14, 2005

In-Tune: GuruFX

Style: Downbeat

"Michael Frohlich aka GuruFX has been doing music for quite a while. With his Techno project "No Way Out" he released two records on S.H.A.C.K. Limited in 1998 dedicated to the power of 4/4-bassdrums combined with harsh samples and heavy sounds. In recent years, he developed a more sensitive view on music under his new alias GuruFX. Melody, groove and harmonic sounds have become more important to him as he has been studying and collecting records like an archivist. Countless releases are filling his shelves, selected every now and then to appear on a strictly limited compilation series given only to friends and those who know. This activity of compiling and distributing appreciated sounds is one of the ideas behind Mainstreet 52, a studio collective dedicated to high quality electronic music production. Over the years, Michael has gained a reputation as much valued music critic and engineer with his excellent expertise. At the same time he has always kept his pioneer spirit: Considering electronic music as matter of research and innovation, always exploring new sound fields and dismantling given sounds critically into their smallest components." - GuruFX

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