Wednesday, October 04, 2006

In-Tune: Heezen

Style: Electronica

"Heezen is Raul Fuentes. He's a non-musician from the city of Castello in the east of Spain. Raul extracts the technique of sampling old vinyl-records from hip hop and combines it with minimal synthesizer- and guitar-loops, a lot of bizarre found-sounds, fragments of vocals and a few drops of psychedelica. His loops are like spirals of fireworks that interfere with each other to build new patterns of sounds and melody. On his Secret Speech EP, Raul combines two sets of tracks he already released one on his own: Fractura, Pirotecnia and Martin De Vivies are in the middle of the EP. These tracks got a pretty straight beat and intensify layer-by-layer. Raul bridges from electroacoustic minimal-music to deep house, home-grown electronica and back. For the other three tracks, Raul comes up with a more ambient vibe. You can find pulsing synthesizers (Secret Speech), a complex composition of guitar, certain glitches, sampled vocals and a string section (Lastre) and the smooth, introspective cut-up collage of Le Cannard that marks the end of the EP. Heezen created a dark sparkling gem of electroacoustica. His influences are legion, but due to his abilities as a sound-designer and songwriter, he managed to destillate them all in highly conclusive compositions that never forget about a certain amount of catchyness and, yeah, emotionality." - Heezen / 12bit Recordings

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