Tuesday, September 19, 2006

In-Tune: Arkham

Style: Electronica

"take pleasure in the world overhead. He saw that above all the sky was never still. Even on a cloudless day, when the the blue seemed to be everywhere, there were constant little shifts, gradual disturbances as the sky thinned out and grew thick. Clouds complicated the picture introducing the matter of colour and there was a range to contend with. The spectrum of variables was immense, the results depending on the temperatures of the different atmosphere levels, the types of cloud present in the sky, and where the sun happened to be at that particular moment. From all this came the reds and pinks he liked so much, the purples and vermilions, the oranges and lavenders, the golds and their feathery persimmons. Nothing lasted for long. The colours would soon disperse, merging with others and moving on or fading as the night appeared. One by one, all weathers passed over his head, from sunshine to storms. from gloom to radiance. There were the dawns and dusks to be observed, the midday transformations, the early evening, the nights. Even in its blackness the sky did not rest. Clouds drifted through the dark, the moon was forever in a different form, the wind continued to blow. Sometimes a star even settled in to his patch of sky and as he looked up he would wonder if it was still there, or if it had not burned out long ago." - Arkham

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