Monday, September 11, 2006

In-Tune: Mike Steele - SteeleToeBoots Vol. 1

Style: House

"With the introduction from Pete Kirill (Project Cuba), funky house tracks of Chicago DJ / producer Mike Steele arrived to Bump Foot. Growing up on the island of St. Thomas, Mike Steele was exposed at an early age to the Caribbean grooves of Calypso and Reggae. Without the knowledge and availability of mixing equipment, Mike used a prehistoric dual tape machine to edit the music and create a sound he enjoyed and called his own. "I would make mix tapes for all my schoolmates. Jump forward three decades and Mike continues to create the same thing today. Jackin, Chicago flavored House, and dubby-funky House with a freaky-funky-twist of Disco are just a few ways to describe Mike's unique sound. His sound constantly evolves making each of his sets special. His seamless mixing style motivates a room to a point where you think you've had enough, but then all of a sudden... there's more! His music is a relentless Energizer; it keeps going & going & going." Mike Steele / Bumpfoot

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