Tuesday, September 13, 2005

In-Tune: Rise of the Speedmen

Style: Electronica

"Rise of the Speedmen a.k.a. Generoso Padigos is the one man band behind the lush melodies, sequenced guitars, and the cut up drum beats from San Diego, Ca. After getting insurance money from a motorcycle accident, he started his first recording studio in his garage with an analog Tascam 8 track. Playing each instrument, he made lo fi tunes influenced by indie bands such as My bloody Valentine, Sea and Cake, and Ariel M. In 2000 Gene moved to Hawaii, where he became engulfed with the electronic music scene. He began DJing for underground clubs and promoters including the short lived Quiet Storm, featured in ID Magazine.It wasn't long until he discovered computer love, where he found his calling for the digital sound. It was a natural progression to change from analog recording to digital, because it took his self-reliant music production ways to the next level; giving him the ability to orchestrate, manipulate, and filter the very root of sound and placement from the click of a button. . Finally for 2005, R.O.T.S give you the very first album "Introduction" which fuses indie guitars, deep vocal melodies, dark synths, and driving percussion. The album starts off with the instrumental "Portrait of a Dead man" provoking a dark mood from the deep bass melody, an 808 drum beat, and a distorted Rhodes. Next comes "I hear a symphony", a beautiful orchestrated masterpiece that brings melancholy through the melodious vocals and filtered symphonic samples. Composition after composition "Introduction" delivers experimental production with reverberated vocal lines and organic instrumentation." - Rise of the speedmen

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I Hear a Symphony
Another 1