Friday, September 16, 2005

In-Tune: Jetty

Style: Electronica

"Los Angeles-based producer Drew Brown records under the moniker Jetty and represents his hood to the world with his two-year-old label, Lax Recordings. It is an imprint he says focuses on deep, downtempo funk and laid-back house. With ten years of industry experience that spans from DJing and producing to working at record labels (having been on staff at Mammoth Records, back when the now huge company was in startup phase), Brown's got a diverse palette of skills to draw on when it comes to Lax. Brown has an interesting answer for the the main influences and inspirations for his work, "Old funk and soul albums that weren't successful inspire me," he says. "Especially if the cover makes you giggle, If that happens, I'm buying it." Keep an eye out for Lax's new installment to their compilation series, Layabout V.2, mixed by Jetty" - Jetty

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