Saturday, July 02, 2005

In-Tune: Heather Duby

"Heather Duby’s follow-up to her critically acclaimed debut Post to Wire finds Heather collaborating once again with some familiar faces in Reggie Watts and Steve Fisk. Reggie and Heather previously performed together in local Seattle band, Clementine. After the dissolution of that group Reggie shifted his attention to improvisational techno soul group, Maktub, and Heather moved on to work with renowned producer and keyboard master, Steve Fisk. In constant need of creative outlets, Reggie, along with fellow Maktub member, drummer Davis Martin, FCS North bass player, Josh Warren, avant garde saxophone and keyboard player Skerik, and turntablist Skyler Gilmore (aka Diskyze) formed a rotating ensemble of improvisational musicians called Elemental, who began regularly performing on the Seattle underground club circuit. Constantly pushing the boundaries of improvised electronics, on stage Elemental conjures an eclectic lab experiment in sound mixing the roots of drum and bass, dub, breakbeat, and jazz. The first results of this innovative collaborative effort are found here." - Heather Duby

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