Tuesday, July 12, 2005

In-Tune: MaYa MoUsE

Style: Electronica

"MaYa MoUsE is the newest and one of the most interesting names on the Macedonian electronic scene. Maya is an urban girl from Skopje, who lives in the same gloomy reality of this urban jungle as we all do, but with one distinction: she uses it as her inspiration. She grew up listening to punk and post-punk, stubbornly avoiding getting contaminated by the increasing influence of turbo-folk. This was her initial inspiration to spend years playing bass guitar in punk and later in rock bands with whom she performed eight times on local level. Cult movies and electronic and rock bands from the last decade are the grounds on which the basis of MaYa MoUsE's music is placed. Furthermore, they helped her to develop herself into a complete musician who can find a way to completely express herself with ease. Her skilled balancing between the radical underground and the orthodox pop enabled her to build an original music expression that corresponds with the things she sees, hears and lives through." - MaYa MoUsE

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Available at:
www.garageband.com and music.download.com

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