Tuesday, June 21, 2005

In-Tune: Luisine

"After relatively low-profile full-lengths on labels such as Isophlux and Hymen, Lusine (sometimes known as L’usine or Lusine Icl) releases his most accomplished album to date on Ghostly. Jeff McIlwain, the man behind Lusine, continues to shame the bloated IDM market with beats that kick and hiccup under fluttering melodies, confidently exhibiting the power of suggestion rather than overt display, in arrangements thick with emotion and complexity. Serial Hodgepodge serves as a defining fusion of instinct and intellect, as the sense of funk and dance genres in Lusine’s meticulous programming prohibit anyone from sitting still, while the myriad other elements flickering across the mix offer great things to those who read between the lines. The range of moods amongst the album’s tracks also suggest an inextricable link to the psychological strength of music. Percussive hits converse with one another while vocal samples pique the individualistic responses of a Rorschach test. Hodgepodge offers not only something to immediately captivate anyone who hears it, but also innumerable layers of detail to be discovered through dozens of listens, placing it among the most wholly rewarding albums to be found in any genre in recent memory." - Luisine

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Luisine Icl - Live at Les Siestes electroniques