Tuesday, June 14, 2005

In-Tune: Testrauschen

"In May 2002, we (Enzo Cage and Karsten Koch) accidentally met in a bar in Munich. We realized that we both had an almost identical musical background: We had spent years composing computer music as teenagers. At the same time, I (Karsten) had finished setting up a synthesizer studio. It contained a fender rhodes, some old synthesizers and effect boxes, a vocoder and a groove box. When Enzo came visiting the new studio, we instantly improvised "The Fermi Paradox". The result impressed us so much that we decided to do more sessions and publish them under the name "Testrauschen". We always work the same way: We just sit down and play. Preparations are kept on a minimum level. In August 2002 we started inviting other people to our sessions. We recorded beautiful pieces of music with Mixter and Max Glueck. In our opinion, music should 'just happen'. When people improvise together, they communicate and this we cosider most important. We refuse to control everything and we try to navigate towards complexity and beauty. Our mission is not to break rules but to find new ones. The "Speric Lounge" is our latest live electronic ambient project." -Testrauschen

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