Thursday, June 16, 2005

In-Tune: enLounge

"When Jon Kristian Bernhardsen was 12, he discovered how people were making great music with only the help of a computer. Inspired by this, he began composing on his own. At first he experimented with many different different styles, and then mixing them together. His biggest influence early on was The Prodigy and drum n' bass. Later he discovered the Cafe Del Mar compilations, which also had a big effect on his music. In recent years he has been listening to a lot of 70s soul, funk and disco. When working on a track, he often starts off with a sample and a load of effects. Then a drum track is built around that, before adding some of his hardware synths and other things to make up the final track. Usually the result will sound nicely chilled, but still danceable thanks to some funky drum programming." -enLounge

Available at:

Slov Dov Dob
Morning Espresso