Tuesday, April 12, 2005

In-Tune: Ilkae

"Ilkae is Krystian Lubiszewski and Aaron Munson, a duo split by the Atlantic consisting of one Canadian (Aaron) and one Polish dude (Krystian). Together they've released music for Merck, Civik Records, and others culminating in one full length (Pistachio Island for Merck), a split 12" with Proswell for Civik, and remixes for the like of Neo-Ouija and Soulseek Records. Together they've produced some of the most ambitious and ridiculously pleasant music the world has ever seen incorporating the frantic sampling of Mouse on Mars with a mangled pairing of video games, hip hop and electronic guile. It's a distinct meshing of goodness so infectious it makes Akufen look like a miser." - Ilkae

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