Saturday, April 09, 2005

In-Tune: Cognitive Dissidents

"If you took today's electronic music, placed it in a blender, and set it to puree' you would end up with Cognitive Dissident's unique style. Our music is a synthesis of trance, industrial, hip hop, and drum 'n' bass elements mixed with a small amount of classical influenced orchestration and Eastern instruments. Formed in early 2003, Cognitive Dissident's features the talents of SHPX, a classical and jazz trained pianist and Reverend R (aka The Iron Monkey) a DJ. SHPX has been a musician since the age of seven, he began writing electronic music in 1993 and has continued to write ever since. Rev R has been behind a mixer since the age of seventeen and began composing his own quirky dance music in 1999." - Cognitive Dissidents

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