Monday, March 21, 2005

In-Tune: Dabrye

"Dabrye (pronounced DAB-ree) is just one alias of Ghostly artist Tadd Mullinix, who shifts through various guises with a refreshing competency and sophistication. As Dabrye, Mullinix explores hip-hop, creating head-nodding beats with saw-tooth bass lines that explore hip-hop forms with a keen eye to forward-thinking production and rhythms. It is a combination that has earned Dabrye considerable praise from both the hip-hop underground (Jay Dee, Jurassic 5) and the electronic music press, earning him a Next 100 mention from URB in 2002 and praise from publications as diverse as Rolling Stone to the Wire." - Dabrye

Listen to the music here:

Hyped Up Plus Tax
Smoking the Edge