Thursday, March 10, 2005

In-Tune: Eight Frozen Modules

"Ken Gibson, a.k.a. Eight Frozen Modules, has been spending too much time alone with the machines. For the past eight years and under several monnikers, his maniacal electronic output has graced labels such as Phthalo, City Slang, LO Recordings, and Planet-Mu.

Cuisinart symphonies for the rhythmically inclined. Darker, heavier, deeper than the first, Eight Frozen Modules abducts you along with the young Master Barry. Hopefully you'll make it back alive. As with his previous release Thought Process Disorder, The Abduction of Barry, is a frenzy of hyper-creative sound, edits, and beats -- clearly the product of a disturbed mind. However, the playful schizophrenia present on 'Thought Process Disorder' has been overtaken by an overwhelming wave of fear, outlined with a painstakingly detailed hand. Required listening for friends of the darkside, Dario Argento movies, and the digital mess that lives in the wake of gabber-infused-IDM. Barry Vs. Jason? Who will win?" - 8 Frozen Modules

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