Wednesday, March 09, 2005

In-Tune: Tycho

"Upon returning from San Francisco to his hometown in 1999, Sacramento native Scott Hansen began to write and record tracks as Tycho, a nod to Dutch renaissance astronomer Tycho Brahe and to the synthesis of the mathematical and the natural so inherent in the creation of Tycho’s transcendent and melodic sound. Hansen’s renaissance moniker also lines up neatly with his recent proliferation in the graphic design world as ISO50.

Tycho’s use of ambient break beat foundations, lilting organ tonals, and luminous underlying samples create a hallucinogenic web of soundscapes that seem to flow from the soundtrack of the natural world. Not content to settle for the soulless repetition that mires so much of today’s electronica offerings in somatic boredom, Tycho folds layers of retro synthesizers over haunting vibraphones, hymnal organs, and wind driven melodies deep into a mix of downtempo hip-hop styled beats and deft production. The resultant tracks create their own lush harmony of aural emotions, as the listener drifts through an oasis of introspective rhythms and mood altering synchronicities." -Tycho

Dictaphone's Lament