Tuesday, May 30, 2006

In-Tune: Lola Dutronic

Style: Downtempo

"Lola Dutronic are a French Pop/Electronica duo consisting of British-born Producer, Remixer, Multi-Instrumentalist Richard Citroen and Vocalist Francoise (Frankie) Hart. We play Lo-fi Downtempo Electronica, sometimes in French, sometimes in English, and once, even in Japanese. We started out as a remix project (Paul Hyde, Katrina & The Waves etc.) which later took on a life of it's own. Our first album "The World Of Lola Dutronic" came out in 2004 (or 2005 depending on where you live). It hit No.1 at campus radio in Canada at the end of 2004. We've been compared to St. Etienne, Air, Ivy & Francoise Hardy. Songs from our first album have been featured on such TV shows as "The L-Word" (our song "Les Cheveux De Mon Amour" is the soundtrack of Helena & Tina's housewarming party), "Godivas" and "Perfect Strangers". "Girl On A Motorcycle" hit the Top 20 in the Montreal dance charts. "Airport" was subject of a remix contest on Acid Planet, with 500 entries. Our version of Francoise Hardy's "Ma Jeunesse Fout Le Camp" hit No.3 at radio in Quebec. Our French Pop/Breakbeat meets Serge Gainbourg version of "Walking On Sunshine" hit No.6 on several DJ Pool charts. We've also received extensive airplay on CBC Radio, and specialist shows like The Lounge King in Montreal and Rodney Bingenheimer at KROQ in L.A. Rodney used to spin our trip hop version of The Monkees' "Porpoise Song" (our show closer). We recently came across a web posting where someone was wondering why we weren't getting as much attention as Stars etc. Well that was very nice of them. We were wondering that ourselves! We've just finished up the final mixing on our second album "The Love Parade" which will be released in a few months on Bongo Beat Records. It's a real step forward for us, with less cover versions and more of our own stuff. We're really looking forward to it's release. In fact the label just sent us the cover illustration, but they won't let us show it to you ;) When it comes out...you'll be hearing from us!! :)" - Lola Dutronic

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