Friday, May 19, 2006

In-Tune: Loka

Style: Electronica

"Hailing from opposite sides of the Mersey pond, Loka's music provides a soundtrack for a world where ambiguous morality and perverted desire fraternize with an uneasy thoughtful calm. By turns seductive, sleazy, unsettling and evocative, Loka's multi influenced aural excursions tell tales aplenty, but not necessarily with a happy ending. After early encounters highlighted a mutual passion for soundtrack scores, electronica and late sixties improvisation, Karl Webb and Mark Kyriacou immediately set about working on material that would form the basis of their forthcoming album. Recorded at their infamous river side studio 'The Bugger Hut,' with Eamon Ellams in the percussion seat, the fruits of these sessions gave birth to Loka's first outing for the label 'My Life's In These Bottles' which was included on Ninja's 'Xen Cuts' compilation in 2000." - Loka

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