Saturday, April 23, 2005

In-Tune: Jolie Ruelle

"Jolie Ruelle was born in Vermont and grew up in the rural surroundings of the Green Mountains. After high school, and traveling extensively throughout the U.S., Jolie attended Massachusetts College of Art where she focused her studies on sound design and animation. "I feel that many aspects of animation taught me how to think about music and vise versa. I love to see how my visual work combines with my music. To me they come from the same place." While her animations bring the raw aspects of her visual art into the digital world, Jolie also integrates the organic qualities of her instruments with electronic effects. "I am interested in the textures, qualities, and space of each sound, the same way I am interested in visual art. Many of my songs don't have lyrics because I want the listener to think about the elements of the sounds freely. By making soundtracks I get to play with the space between the music and the animation. For me this is what is most intriguing" - Jolie Ruelle

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Heaven of Underneath
This Before