Wednesday, March 23, 2005

In-Tune: The Baldwin Brothers

"Back in 1983, when Jason Hinkle and TJ Widner were just kids, they had a code word: Baldwin. "We used it to mean someone who was in-the-know," says TJ. "It was just some in-joke. So the name really never had anything to do with those other Baldwins."

Indeed: While Alec, Billy, Stephen, and Daniel were lapping up the highlife in Hollywood, the other Baldwin Brothers were in Chicago, working out that elusive musical link between jam bands and laptop electronica. Machine music could ooze sex, they were convinced; it could have the spontaneity of a live performance but the structure of a pop song. And the results of their efforts? Voila! The brilliant Cooking with Lasers, a blend of live funk and studio-created beats that owes as much to Herbie Hancock and the JBs as it does to Kraftwerk." - The Baldwin Brothers

Listen to the music here:

Dream Girl